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Princess Tarantella II is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


Princess Tarantella II is a massive Spiderant Queen. It can be found in The Splinterlands in the open plains north-east from the Big Donny's Chop Shop.



Princess Tarantella II erupts from the ground and will begin to seek out targets. As there are a lot of COV roaming the area in vehicles, it is likely that one of them will become her prey. This allows the character to get behind her and attack the abdomen. It is smaller than most in relation to her size, and her large protected head and forelegs make her generally impervious from the front.

Outside of standard spiderant fighting tactics, the Princess has a few special moves. She can wind up a large ground smash at her location that can instantly kill many targets. Instead of rolling she prefers to charge up a jumping attack of seemingly unlimited range.

Infrequently she may release an egg sac that hatches a few royal spiderlings.


  • Princess Tarantella II has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Hive rocket launcher, the Roisen's Thorns pistol, and the Re-Router shield.


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