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Prince Jeffrey is an enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He is wayward prince described as a "douche."


Prince Jeffrey is a young prince, known for his ruthlessness, and has reportedly murdered plenty of civilians, including twelve babies. He is the target of the mission Winter is a Bloody Business in which players must stop his tyranny by slapping him to make him less of a douche. He tries to prevent this from happening by sending his guards to kill the Vault Hunters when they arrive in his throne room. When they are all killed, his personal bodyguards, Canine and Molehill, are thrown into combat. Once all of his guards are defeated, he will challenge the Vault Hunters themselves. Despite being introduced as a boss, he will not attack at all, cowering once he takes any damage.



  • Jeffrey is simply titled "Prince Jeff" in his ECHO communications if he is beyond hearing range.


  • Prince Jeffrey is a reference to King Joffrey from the Game of Thrones series. This is referenced by most characters, except for Mordecai who does not understand the other character's references, after Jeffrey is slapped three times.