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Pretty Boy is the main antagonist of Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.


Prior to The Handsome Jackpot's lockdown, Pretty Boy was forced by Handsome Jack into being a court jester for him at the VIP Tower when he found his face to be amusing.


After the Handsome Jackpot fell into ruin, Pretty Boy has been attempting to regain control of the VIP Tower.

Ultimately, he attempts to fight the Vault Hunters with the Jackpot battle suit. The suit is defeated two times initially, and he pays the repair fee. However, when he had insufficient funds for the third, the robot extracted a down payment (stabbing him with needles). When the Jackpot is destroyed, he is thrown out, exclaiming "should have made a deal......" before dying.



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  • Pretty Boy is a non-respawning enemy. His dialogue will not be present on subsequent fights against Jackpot.