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A Prefix is the adjective part of an item (typically a weapon or a shield). It describes the variant of the model.

As expected, the prefix usually precedes the title, though it can rarely follows it (ex: the CEO of all CEOs class mod).


The prefixes usually describe in what manner a weapon is good or improved (if there is an accessory), as opposed to the title, which describes what a weapon is. For example, rocket launchers can be Big, Massive or Colossal, they can be Evil or Devastating etc... It is interesting to note that unique items will never have prefixes.

Effect on weapons[]

In Borderlands, most prefixes do not have any effect on the weapon, apart from "flavor". Some will modify the weapon by slightly increasing its traits (more often than not: damage, but also accuracy and recoil reduction), although typically not as much as weapon parts. However, there are some exceptions, such as the support machine guns' "Shattering", the combat rifles' "Punishing", or the combat shotguns' "Hunter's".

In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, prefixes have no effect on weapon or item characteristics.

Prefix Generation[]

Prefixes are generated the same way that Titles are generated: First, Manufacturer and weapon Parts are chosen at random. The Title is then applied according to Title rules. At this point, the Prefix with the highest Priority that is applicable is chosen.


Prefixes actually come in a much broader and richer spectrum than titles. Prefixes can describe:

  • Common to all weapons:
    • The quality of the Manufacturer material: White/Pearl, Red/Crimson etc...
    • The quality of the elemental effect: Combustion, Fulgurating, Pestilent, Erupting etc...
  • Different names per weapon class
    • The general quality of the weapon: repeaters can be Bad, Cruel or Wicked
    • A trait of the weapon: support machine guns can be Glorious, Frantic...
    • A specific part on the weapon: A revolver can be Bladed, Stabilized...

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