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Powering The Fast Travel Network is a story mission in the Dahl Headlands to activate the Fast Travel Network.


"I wanna get back to Ernest, but I can't face another bandit. Fast Travel would be okay, but it's been offline around here for ages. Mad Mel blocks Scooter from coming to fix it. If Fast Travel were working, we could instantly teleport to any New-U station we've ever visited, even the one next to Ernest's Emporium. Will you fix it, please? You just gotta climb the poles and throw the breakers, then hit the master switch over at the station. Easy, right?"



Throw the Fast Travel breakers and flip the master switch.
  • Breakers thrown: 0/2
  • Master switch flipped


After saving Lucky, grab a vehicle from the Catch-A-Ride outside and follow the power lines to the southeast.

The first breaker is easily reachable by jumping onto the platform. Once the breaker is flipped several Scythids will attack.

Head to the next tower down the line. A bandit Outrunner will attack as the tower is neared. Climb the tower and flip the breaker. Once again several Scythid will attack after the breaker is flipped.

After both breakers are thrown, keep following the power lines to the southeast to the Fast Travel Network Hub. The station is protected by a fairly large group of bandits.

The master switch is found by walking up the staircase and to the left of the main building. Flip the master switch to activate the power station. Bandit reinforcements will pop out of the crates downstairs after the switch is thrown. Return to Lucky to turn in the mission and collect the reward.


"Great, the Fast Travel system is back online! I'll pop on over to Ernest later. Hmm, don't you have a Fast Travel pass? I've got a spare, you can have that one. Now you can use Fast Travel! It lets you teleport to any New-U station you've visited before. Anyways, I'm feelin' a little better now. Wanna rid the Headlands of Mad Mel?"

Nearby Missions[]


  • Completing this mission opens up Lucky's Bounty Board for new missions.
  • The mission reads: "Optional Mission", but it is a story mission.


  • The mission briefing text refers to a Fast Travel point located by Ernest Whitting that doesn't exist.