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Powerful Connections is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Marcus Kincaid.


"Lovable old Marcus needs you to help him repair a vending machine that was scavenged by bandits. You'll be rewarded with access to his vast stores of deadly munitions. Hooray for capitalism!"



  • Identify problem
  • Collect skag spine
    • + Collect human spine
  • Fix vending machine


The human spine is easy to collect, as any human enemy killed during the mission will always drop it, and only one needs to be collected.

The skag spine drops from a badass shock skag, which is also found in the indicated area, though multiple skags must be killed before the badass shows up.


Mission Transcript

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  • If the optional objective is completed, Marcus will reveal a passage at the end of the mission that leads to an underground stash that contains a weapons chest.
  • If the Vault Hunter has at least one of the two spines, they can install it at the fuse box.
    • If they have both, interacting with the fuse box will result in the human spine being installed first, before it explodes, much to Marcus's amusement.

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