Power Leech is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx that becomes available on T-Bone Junction Bounty Board after Prison Break: Road Warrior is complete.


"Hey. This is Mr. Shank. Lockdown Palace has a problem. If any a you panty waists on the outside want to make a few bucks here's the sitch. Those bastards in the bandit camps on the overpass are syphoning off our power. We're getting constant brownouts in here. It's cruel and unusal punishment. No one messes with Mr. Shank. I want all my power back. We've got most of it rigged up to destroy the tower they are using to steal from us but there are a few last details we need help with. Explosives, etc. Do this for me and I won't kill you the next time I see you...probably."


Power Leech

Power Leech

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Restore full power to Lockdown Palace.
  • Bomb found
  • Charge placed
  • Powerline destroyed


The bomb is in Midgetville in the Sunken Sea. It can be approached from either the highway directly above the camp or from ground level by driving through the dunes to get to its entrance below.
The next waypoint is at a bandit camp under the bridge. The actual position is a location up on top of the overpass, and this can be accessed via a ramp up from the floor of the camp. Once the charge is placed, the third objective, back on the ground level, is a detonator located beside a power pole.


"That was a fine bit of killin' you musta done to help us with that. We appreciate it, but I don't ever want to see your face at the Palace!"


  • Text of Bomb item: A bundle of explosives.
  • This mission becomes available on the Bounty Board after completing Prison Break: Road Warrior in The Ridgeway, at which point players will already be near the transition to the Sunken Sea. It is thus possible to go kill Mr. Shank before even getting this mission.
    • Killing Mr. Shank will neither affect this mission's availability nor completion.
  • There is a Crimson Lance Chest on a small platform under the end of the overpass where the charge is placed.
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