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For other uses, see Pounder.

Pounder is the title of a group of combat rifles. They are characterized by their single fire trigger pull, 6-shot magazine, and increased damage per projectile.

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Usage & Description[]

Pounders tend not to be a widely used default weapon because of the combination of middling accuracy, low fire rate, and frequent reloads. That said, Pounders can have their uses. They are almost as powerful shot-for-shot as a Revolver of similar level, and reload much faster, plus they all come with a scope attached where the pistol may or may not. Elemental effects tend to be more frequent and far more potent with Pounders than other rifle weapons, though this is likely due to the low rate of fire allowing the tech pool to regenerate.


Pounder is an effect that comes from the mag1a_pounder Magazine. Unless the weapon is unique or legendary, it will also receive the title Pounder (Title_Mag1_Pounder), granting a further 10% damage bonus. See stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Clip Size: -6
Reload Speed: -40%
Fire Rate: -67%
Damage: +52%
Burst Count: -2