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Pot O' Gold is a unique booster shield manufactured by Bandit. The Pot O' Gold can be obtained as a rare drop from Peter Zaford located in The Holy Spirits.

Special Item Effects

Blarney I say! 'Tis blarney! – When damaged, has a small chance to drop money. 

Usage & Description

The Pot O' Gold drops money bundles of a $1 value each when hit. The money is then picked up instantly, which can be useful for Vault Hunters with a high ammunition consumption, but the Pot O' Gold's applicability in combat is generally inferior to other rare shields of the same level.

Drop Guide

The Pot O' Gold has a chance to drop from Peter Zaford, the Zafords' "bagman". It can only be obtained during the mission Clan War: End of the Rainbow, as the bagman does not respawn after the mission is completed. However, if a player saves and quits after killing the bagman but before completing the mission (by inserting the key into the exit), the mission is failed and can be retaken, allowing the bagman to be farmed. This will not prevent this or subsequent missions from being completed in the clan war.


  • In higher-level playthroughs, the amount of money dropped is insignificant.
  • The money "dropped" by the booster effect does not count toward the Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all challenge.
  • The Pot O' Gold has the same appearance as a Bandit-made maylay shield.