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Possessed Wraiths are a type of ranged Guardian that are first met in the Neon Arterial and later found in all places that can spawn Guardians.



  • Possessed Wraiths are ranged Guardians who are functionally similar to Wraiths and share many of the same moves.
  • Possessed Wraiths have the following attacks:
    • Beam Burst - fires a series of bolts
    • Swing - slashes with its staff
    • Jump Smash - jumps and smashes the ground on impact
    • Spear Throw - hurls its spear that creates a small shock explosion on impact.
    • Disc Throw - hurls a bouncing energetic disc-like grenade.
    • Backflip - Used to get range on the character.


  • Early in the game, Possessed Wraiths can only spawn if a Wraith is possessed by a red Guardian soul that was spawned from The Summoner or from a dead Guardian. Later in the game they can spawn in their own capacity.
  • Possessed Wraiths have an armor health bar as well as the normal guardian shield health.
  • In the Takedown at the Guardian Breach they receive a Fortified prefix.