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Possessed Spectres are a possessed variant of Spectres.



  • Possessed Spectres are melee-oriented guardians that are functionally similar to Spectres and share many of the same moves.
  • Possessed Spectres have the following attacks:
    • Crossblade - performs a cross-cut with both blades.
    • Upward slash - Uppercut with a blade.
    • Lunge - quickly lunges at the target with its blades extended.
    • Dash - dashes at the target while thrusting an arm forward.
    • Swing kick - close range half-circle kick.
    • Somersault Slash - performs a backward somersault with its blades extended (used to reposition).


  • Possessed Spectres are first met in the Neon Arterial and later can be found in all places that can spawn Guardians.
  • Early in the game, Possessed Spectres can only spawn if a Spectre is possessed by a red Guardian soul that was spawned from The Summoner or from a dead Guardian. Later in the game, they can spawn in their own capacity.
  • Possessed Spectres have an armor health bar as well as the normal guardian shield health.
  • In the Takedown at the Guardian Breach they receive a Fortified prefix.