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Positive Self Image is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Ellie.


"The Hodunk bandits in The Dust have made a hood ornament mocking Ellie's appearance. Unfortunately for them, Ellie has taken a liking to the ornaments and wants a few to use as decoration. She has asked you to destroy any car with ornament attached to it and bring the ornament back to her."



  • Destroy bandits cars: 0/6
  • Place ornament: 0/6


Ellie wants ornaments that the local bandit populace have been strapping to their cars, and this entails destroying their vehicles. Each technical destroyed will cause the mission item to fall to the ground, and this can be collected by driving over the top of the item or positioning a car so that the item falls on top of it. There is no need for Vault Hunters to exit their vehicles, as the ornaments get absorbed by Vault Hunters' vehicles in close proximity of the ornaments.

After six ornaments have been acquired, they must be positioned at various points around Ellie's garage, and then the mission can be turned in to Ellie herself.


"Having successfully mounted Ellie's ornaments in her garage, you may now add "interior design" to your list of skills."

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