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Porta Prison is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"What could be worse than being stuck in a portapotty by a bureauractic AI? Let's find out!"



  • Speak to Trashmouth's crew
  • Kill traitors
  • Get the spray paint
  • Spray graffiti (6)
  • Destroy dirty cop bot
  • Collect AI chip
  • Install AI chip
  • Destroy dirty cop bots
  • Break septic tank
  • Destroy recycler bot
  • Collect AI chip
  • Install AI chip
  • Find Trashmouth
  • Destroy Trashmouth's technical
  • Collect illegal weapon


  • Mission items:
    • Spray Paint
    • AI Chip
    • Illegal weapon
  • At a game release, this mission appears bugged for many players after the Install AI Chip objective. Next marker doesn't appear on the map, and even if Trashmouth is killed, his weapon can't be picked up. Currently there is no way to reset it to correct state.


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