Pop Racing is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Beat Napykins Lunestalker's time on the moon buggy course.



"Have you got the need? The need for... high-velocity lunar racing?"
  • Get moon buggy
  • Wait at starting line
  • 5...4...3...2...1...
  • GO
  • Drive through waypoints in time: 0/13
  • Beat Lunestalker on first try (optional)


This mission is available from the Napykins Lunestalker in Triton Flats. He is located in a garage in the Burraburra area of southeastern Triton Flats. Once accepted, a moon buggy must be procured and brought to the starting line just outside the garage. Lunestalker will count down from 5 and the race will begin.

Once the race begins, a countdown timer will start at 1:30 and begin counting down. The moon buggy course is defined by a series of parallel blue beacons shining up from the ground constituting 13 check points and large blue directional arrows denoting turns. This course winds around Triton Flats, necessitating a couple of boosted jumps over obstacles, and returns to the garage in Burraburra.

Once completed in the time allotted, the mission can be turned back in to Lunestalker. If Lunestalker's time is beaten on the first attempt, the experience point and monetary rewards are greater.


"Now go and rub it in the little brat's face."

Turn In: Napykins Lunestalker

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  • Returning to the vicinity of the moon buggy garage after completion of this mission causes Napykins' father, Lunestalker Sr., to drive out of the nearby garage door and seek revenge.


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