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Pixies are magical little creatures with wings that inhabit the lands in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Pixies can be found mostly in the Forest. They are friendly and fly around teasing Vault Hunters. If one is caught, it will bestow benefits such as regenerating health or increased movement speed. Pixies are always friendly at first but if harmed they turn into dangerous opponents.



Pixies appear as enemies at all times, but are not hostile until harmed. They buzz around teasing adventurers, and if they stray to within reaching distance, they may be caught simply by being interacted with. Once caught, a pixie will offer benefits in the form of a magic tether that induces bright rings around the character with one of the following effects:

  • Blue - Shield regeneration
  • Green - Ammo and Grenade regeneration
  • Red - Health regeneration
  • Yellow - Movement rate enhancement

When a friendly pixie stops tethering the Vault Hunter, it disappears in a flash of loot, including Eridium. A hostile pixie when killed drops the same loot.


  • "Catch me!"
  • "Hey, listen!"
  • "I'm too fast for you!"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "I'm faster than you."
  • "Come and get me."
  • "Go grab me!"
  • "Not too fast, aren't you?"
  • "You'll never catch me."
  • "Ain't I too fast for ya?"
  • "Catch me if you can!"
  • "Let's play tag."
  • "Chase me! It'll be fun!"
  • "You're too slow!"
  • "Can't catch me! Can't catch me!"
  • "I can help."
  • "I'm helping!"
  • "Healing surge!"
  • "I'll keep you alive."
  • "More ammo!"
  • "For you!"
  • "This is for you."
  • "There you go."
  • "Go you!"
  • "That's what friends are for."
  • "Get well!"
  • "I'm gonna fix you."
  • "Lemme stitch you up."
  • "Friendship and mass murder forever!"
  • "Keep killing. I love it!"
  • "You're the best killer ever!"
When Attacked
  • "You dick!"
  • "Traitor!"
  • "Now I can say I was provoked!"
  • "Don't wrath me!"
  • "That hurts!"
  • "Can't hide from me!"
  • "I'll get you!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "I'm so hungry!"
  • "You gonna die screaming!"
  • "DIE!!!"
  • "You're going down!"
  • "Now Pixie's gonna kill you!!"
  • "Come to me!!!"
  • "Let me hear you cry."
  • "I'll dance around your corpse."
  • "Scream for me!"
  • "This one's frisky!"



  • The pixie model is actually a miniature version of Maya.
  • The pixie's line "Hey, listen!" is a reference to Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • The developers describe Pixies as "Frenemies", as they can be friendly allies or enemies depending on the player's actions.