Pity's Fall is a location in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is the crash site of the Drakensburg - a Dahl warship captained by Colonel Zarpedon in the past, before she was transferred to the Britannia.

The Drakensburg has since become the home of a band of scavs lead by The Bosun and his companion, the Skipper; both of whom are former crew-members of the Drakensburg before its crash. Whilst the ship is no longer space-worthy, the internal systems are relatively intact - power, turrets, life support, AI and the engine all remain in working order.

Points of Interest

AI Core

A room filled with banks of computers that ends with a terminal which grants access to an additional room where the Skipper's AI core is housed. Within Skipper's AI core room is also a moonstone chest and a red chest tied to the Bosun's Mate challenge.

Briefing Room

A small room before the Engine Room that is predominated by a screen featuring a crew briefing from before the Drakensburg's crash. A short corridor and a pair of haphazardly constructed platforms reachable only via jump pads lead to Shattered Aft.

Command Center

Where The Bosun resides and is fought. The floor level contains multiple jump pads to help access the narrow walkways that compose the higher level.

Core Systems

Crew Quarters

Drakensburg Gangway

Catwalks and isolated platforms form the main access point into the Drakensburg. The area is lightly guarded by scavs, predominately consisting of basic scav types, interspersed with the occasional badass. Jump pads assist with the shallow ascent to access the Drakensburg.

Drakensburg Gate

Engine Room


Hangar Bay


Shattered Aft

Starboard Ascent

Suspension Bridge

A narrow bridge that leads from the main body of the Drakensburg to the separated Command Center and AI Core, guarded by various scavs, including a guaranteed pair of Badass Scavs that appear beneath the entrance to the Command Center. The entrance to the Command Center is high above the bridge, a pair of jump pads interspersed by short catwalk helps gain access.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies






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