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For the general family of one-handed weapons, see Pistol.

Pistal is the title of a group of common pistols in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured exclusively by bandits and commonly spawn with the Tediore, bandit, Maliwan, and Dahl barrels.

Usage & Description[]

The Pistal can come with a variety of barrels and each one can give the gun different properties:

  • Tediore (standard) – No additional effects.
  • Bandit ("heavy") – Increases the weapon damage but reduces accuracy.
  • Maliwan (elemental) – Increases elemental effect damage (if the weapon spawns with an element).
  • Dahl (stable)– Increases recoil recovery, and slightly reduces recoil and weapon damage.

Notable Variants[]

  • TinderboxUnique incendiary pistol that fires arching and slow moving incendiary bullets with increased splash damage and elemental effect chance.
  • GubLegendary corrosive pistol with increased magazine size and damage.


  • The Pistal is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.


  • The name is a misspelling of "Pistol".
  • The Pistal has 8,640 regular variants per barrel, and an equal number of Gemstone variants, for a total 69,120 variants.
  • In Opportunity, there is an ECHO Log from Handsome Jack where he mentions how bandits can't even spell pistol right when comparing Hyperion to other manufacturers.