Pickle Picker is a challenge in Outlands Spur to locate and deface five "Wanted" posters.


  • Directly west of the fast travel terminal, on a small box building with a jump pad adjacent. The poster is on the Dalh advert. [Poster] [Map]
  • At the northern point of the methane treatment plant there is a jump pad, The poster is on a wall at the base of the ramp to the jump pad. (this is southwest of the fast travel terminal.) [Poster] [Map]
  • There is a square building in the center of the map, just south of the cliff edge. The poster is on the wall of this building. [Poster] [Map]
  • In the south-west compound on a building just beyond the first OZ station. the poster is on the right hand corner [Poster] [Map]
  • In the northern compound, in the first room with the vending machines, the poster is on the wall to the right of the vendors. [Poster] [Map]
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