Picking up the Pieces is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Pick up eye chunks: 0/2
  • Head to Research and Development
  • Head to biolabs
  • Place eye chunks
  • Suture eye
  • Take eye
  • Place eye on test stand
  • Shoot eye with laser weapon


Discovering the first eye chunk and accepting the mission, leads to an objective to recover two more chunks. One of them is in a hard to reach place on the roof, and to access this one needs to use the boost of an Oz kit to double jump up onto a diagonal strut beneath it. The lowest part of the strut is slippery, and only by jumping and then boosting can enough height be attained to reach the climbable upper section.

The rest of the mission is simply a case of following directions back through Research and Development. The eye, once shot with a laser, explodes violently, and nearby Vault Hunters may be caught in the blast and downed if they stand too close when it blows up.


"Humpty Dumpty ain't got nothing on this."

Turn In: Jack

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Mission Transcript


  • Mission Items:
    • Eye Chunk - "This gooey bit used to be part of the Eye of the Destroyer. Ick."
    • Laser Sutured Eye - "The laser-sutured eye of the Destroyer."
  • This mission is one of several in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that indicate the "undiscovered" mission as being in the area where the final objective takes place rather than where the mission is accepted. Picking Up the Pieces is listed to be in Research and Development instead of the Lunar Launching Station.
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