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Phonic Kraggon is a unique kraggon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is the target of the Phonically Challenged challenge for Serenity's Waste.



Phonic Kraggon is a very unique kraggon, in that he is the only shock elemental kraggon within Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is easily distinguishable from the other kraggons within Serenity's Waste, due to his distinct blue coloring. He primarily attacks by curling into a ball and charging, although he is capable of utilizing the attacks of other kraggons.


  • Phonic Kraggon is not a guaranteed spawn. He only has a small chance of appearing, and he will only spawn on top of an elevated area in Serenity's Waste between the two entrances to Regolith Range.

    The area where Phonic Kraggon spawns.

  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, Phonic Kraggon is renamed Phuper Phonic Kraggon and his color scheme is altered to gold. Aside from the recoloring, he behaves identically.


  • Phonic Kraggon is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog. Aside from his attack to curl into a ball and charge, he also releases a single money drop occasionally when hurt, and a large ring of money upon death, identically to how player health is determined within Sonic games. This is further emphasized in True Vault Hunter Mode, where he is renamed Phuper Phonic Kraggon and given a gold coloring, much like Super Sonic.

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