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Phasewalk is Lilith's Action Skill. It renders her invisible to the enemy, invulnerable to damage, and increases her movement speed. Entering or leaving Phasewalk produces a Phase Blast which has an AoE burst of damage that increases with your level and artifact effects. Entering Phasewalk has a Cooldown period of 36 seconds that starts only after leaving Phasewalk, although Blackout works during Phasewalk in conjunction with Radiance and/or Phoenix.

Lilith phased

Lilith in Phasewalk



The Cooldown of Phasewalk (base 36s) is decreased by these:


The following skills increase the damage delivered using Phasewalk:

  • Phase Strike: +160% Damage for melee strikes that exit Phasewalk per skillpoint.
  • Radiance: +1 Shock Damage to nearby enemies while in Phasewalk per skillpoint.


The duration of Phasewalk (base ~6s) is increased by this skill:


  • Silent Resolve: +14% Damage Protection per level for a few seconds after coming out of Phasewalk per skillpoint.
  • Inner Glow: ~1.4% Health Regeneration per second per skillpoint while in Phasewalk.
  • Dramatic Entrance: +20% Chance to Daze when hit by Phase Blast per skillpoint.


Using Phasewalk while falling off of a cliff or into a void will cause Lilith to respawn with full health and shields, but without incurring a reconstruction fee. This can provide a shortcut to the nearest spawn point, or allow for easy co-op boss fights by providing a quick full restore to a Siren. If Lilith is about to fall off of a cliff in a vehicle, it is possible to exit and use Phasewalk right before she drops below the point where characters are killed (This also applies to boundary lasers), allowing her to safely respawn at no cost. Even if Lilith exits Phasewalk before the moment she disappears/respawns (due to say, a lengthy drop, poor/early timing of using Phasewalk), she will still avoid the reconstruction fee. (Patched out in some versions)



  • Lilith is unable to jump while Phasewalking.
  • It is possible to run, then jump and enter Phasewalk in order to achieve greater distance in Lilith's jumps. This can be beneficial in reaching ledges that would be unavailable when jumping normally. This can be combined with the use of Intuition to extend horizonal jumping distance to even greater extremes.

Lilith skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

Striking • Intuition • Phoenix • Quicksilver • Radiance • Resilience • Spark • Venom