Phaseslam is the starting Action Skill in Amara's Brawl skill tree. Amara leaps into the air then slams down, dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them up.


  • Damage: varies with character level


Phaseslam is Amara's strongest action skill by default, and pairs well for close-range combat. It should be treated as an explosion with a large splash radius; as a result, it is excellent for eliminating crowds or creating space. Enemies that are not killed by the slam have a high chance of being ragdolled into the air, giving Amara an opening to deal damage.


  • Revelation will cause all hit enemies to create a smaller splash nova around them. It is overall of questionable usage, as Phaseslam already generates a large AOE, and Revelation will reduce its damage.
  • Glamour gives Phaseslam utility, as any survivors will instead turn into allies for a brief moment at the cost of decreased damage and a longer cooldown.
  • Soul Sap will grant Amara a strong source of healing due to Phaseslam's high base damage and area-of-effect.
  • Stillness of Mind allows Amara to temporarily keep surviving enemies out of battle for a brief time, at the cost of decreased damage and a longer cooldown.
  • Allure makes Phaseslam even more disruptive, as it will pull in nearby enemies and cause them to ragdoll.
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