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Phaselock is Maya the Siren's action skill in Borderlands 2.

It allows her to lock an enemy in another dimension, preventing the desired target from fighting back for a short while. Some enemies cannot be phaselocked and instead instantly take damage while others are entirely immune.


Base cooldown: 13 seconds. Each level in the Quicken skill increases the cooldown rate by 6%, reducing cooldown to 10 seconds at level 5.


The initial form of this skill does no damage to the enemy locked inside. Several skills grant Phaselock the potential to harm the enemy.

  • Helios: A large fire burst that damage the enemy both inside and outside the orb.
  • Converge: Pulls nearby targets to the orb and deals a small amount of damage.
  • Ruin: Damage all nearby targets with Slag, Corrosion and Shock elements.

A number of enemies cannot be phaselocked. These targets are instead dealt a fixed amount of damage. Ruin and Helios' damage will still be applied the target and nearby enemies, but no additional Converge effect will happen.

Skill Initial base damage [1] Elemental effect base damage [1]
Vs. immune 200 none
Helios 1.6 Fire 1.8 Fire / s (9 total)
Converge 8 none
Ruin 7.2 Slag
7.2 Shock
7.2 Corrosive
7.2 Shock / s (14.4 total)[2]
7.2 Corrosive / s (57.6 total)[2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Per rank, if applicable.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Note that this amount will be doubled by Slag.

Damage is equal to base damage * 1.13level. For comparison, a melee attack has a base damage of 20. Elemental Effect Damage bonuses will increase the elemental effect damage of Phaselock.

A Roid Shield can boost Phaselock damage.


Base duration: 5 seconds. Each level of the Suspension skill increases the duration by 0.5 second. Thoughtlock will further increase the duration by 4 seconds. Phaselock ends instantly when its target is killed, unless Sub-Sequence is triggered (in which case the orb seeks to a new target).


  • Phaselock is primarily useful for immobilizing targets, and adding supplementary effects to harm them further. A key target may be trapped to make it easier to hit or damage, or a dangerous target in a group of enemies can be temporarily removed from the fight while others are being dispatched. The Cataclysm tree has skills that evolve Phaselock to damage multiple targets at once.
  • Using Converge (tier 3 Motion Tree) will allow skills such as Scorn (tier 6 Harmony), Helios (tier 2 Cataclysm), Chain Reaction, Cloud Kill (tier 3 Cataclysm) and Ruin (tier 6 Cataclysm) to become much more effective as the singularity effect will draw enemies in to AoE range, however most of these choices require significant point investment.
  • It is worth noting that due to Phaselock's primarily crowd control and support nature that it is possible to create an effective build for Maya which ignores the use of Phaselock entirely.
  • Phaselocking the same enemy multiple times is not recommended as each phaselock will be shorter than the previous.

Enemies that cannot be Phaselocked[]

These enemies can not be phaselocked, but may take a large amount of damage instead.

Converge, Helios, and Ruin will still take effect, while Suspension, Sub-Sequence, Thoughtlock, Sweet Release, Elated, and Chain Reaction does not. Phaselock cooldown starts right after the enemy takes damage.

Common enemies:



  • If the helmet of a Goliath is knocked off at just the same time as he is phaselocked, he will enter a bugged berserk state. In this state, the goliath moves slowly and only use melee attacks.

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