Phalanx is the first of Athena's three skill trees. The Phalanx tree focuses on regenerating health and shields for the entire party. Her other two skill trees are Xiphos and Ceraunic Storm.


Athena phalanxtree

Phalanx Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Invictus - Increases the damage dealt by the Aspis when thrown.
  • Ephodos - Increases the movement speed and gun damage while holding the Aspis.

Tier 2

  • Vanguard - While the Aspis is active, Athena and teammates gain health regeneration. The health regeneration rate increases as the Aspis absorbs damage.
  • Hold the Line - Lengthens the duration the Aspis can be active before it is automatically thrown.

Tier 3

  • Prismatic Aegis - The Aspis now stores the elemental damage type of absorbed damage. Multiple elemental damage types can be stored and all stored damage types are dealt by the Aspis when thrown.

Tier 4

  • United Front - Damage absorbed by the Aspis now provides power to the shield of nearby teammates. Also increases maximum shield capacity.
  • Clear! - When thrown, the Apsis' explosion grants second wind to friends within the range. In addition, damage bonus is gained in Fight For Your Life.
  • Stalwart - Allows the Aspis to absorb a percentage of damage from your teammates guns. Also increases Athena's maximum health.

Tier 5

  • Return Fire - When active, the Aspis has a chance to reflect incoming lasers and bullets while still absorbing their energy.
  • Prepare for Glory - Activating the Aspis taunts nearby enemies, making them more likely to attack Athena. Additionally, for every individual enemy who inflicts damage on the Aspis, a stack of Prepare for glory is gained, this increases gun damage. Stacks persist for a short duration after the Aspis has been thrown.

Tier 6

  • Wrath of the Goddess - The Aspis will ricochet to up to 4 additional enemies, each taking less damage than the last. The Aspis will return after it hits the final enemy.

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