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Perfectly Peaceful is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Sir Hammerlock. It becomes available after Bright Lights, Flying City is complete.


"Sir Hammerlock is eager to find out how the crystalisks came to be. He is willing to pay you for evidence of their origins. Hammerlock has suggested you start looking in Caustic Caverns."



Uncover the history of the crystalisks
  • Pick up origin evidence: 0/4
    • + Kill spiderants: 0/10
    • + Kill threshers: 0/5
    • + Kill crystalisks: 0/5


Hammerlock is curious as to why the crystalisks are so aggressive and the way they are, so he sends Vault Hunters off to the Caustic Caverns to find some evidence. Note that there are three optional objectives in this mission, all of which will require to kill some enemies inside of Caustic Caverns. You will likely come across all of these while going for the four pieces of evidence, all of which are marked on the map. One piece of evidence is close to the entrance, near all of the varkids, while another can be found in the Infested Warehouse area. The other two will be in the Guardian Ruins and Dahl Deep Core 06 areas. For that last one, you will likely pass through the Nether Hive area, which is where you'll find the spiderants. Once all four pieces of evidence have been received, return to Hammerlock to complete mission.


"You've discovered how the crystalisks' innoccence was bludgeoned to death by a pickaxe."

Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


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