Peak Opener is an effervescent assault rifle manufactured by Torgue.

The Peak Opener can be found in the chests that spawn after Haderax the Invincible is defeated in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Special Weapon Effects

Top-tier pick for optimal play. – Always shock. Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Fires rockets that drop 3 child grenades on impact which deals explosive damage. Increased fire rate when aiming down the iron sights.

Usage and Description

The Peak Opener offers exceptional damage by utilizing two elements that few enemies are resistant to, alongside a high fire rate for a Torpedo that is further increased when scoped in. It can thus make quick work of both shields and health. However, care must be taken when used in close range, as the character can be damaged by the weapon's shots; additionally, the high fire rate and ammo per shot will result in extremely high ammo consumption.


  • The Peak Opener's damage is increased when the Easy Mode and/or Hard Carry are equipped and the character is in Digistruct Peak.
  • The Peak Opener will always spawn with a Torgue stock and cannot spawn with a scope or accessory.
  • A Peak Opener fired while the Grog Nozzle's drunk effect is active will launch a barrage of six electrical rockets that drops three grenades each.
  • The Peak Opener is one of the few Torgue weapons that do not utilize explosive elemental tech.
  • The Peak Opener has the same material as the KerBlaster.
    • It also has a more powerful version of the Kerblaster's effect with a shorter fuse for the child grenades.
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