Peacemonger is a unique pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Atlas. Peacemonger is obtained from the mission Ratch'd Up located in Atlas HQ, on Promethea.

Special Weapon Effects

Look around, chief. You've got a right to protect yourself. – Fires a single rocket. After a certain amount of time, the rocket splits into multiple smaller rockets that auto-seek enemies without the need of a puck and explode on impact. Consumes 4 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description

The Peacemonger is best used at medium range due to the nature of its splitting projectile. At very close distances, the initial projectile will be unable to split into the 4 smaller ones, reducing damage output and splash damage potential. It also fares extremely poorly in enclosed spaces for the same reasons.

With a small magazine capacity and usage of 4 ammo per shot, the Peacemonger is not a particularly ammo efficient weapon and will also require frequent reloading. Moze is able to use the weapon more effectively with her ability to increase magazine size and ammo regeneration, in addition to the many explosive weapon synergies found in the Demolition Woman skill tree.



  • The flavor text is a reference to the video game franchise Ratchet and Clank, in which GrummelNet vendors will occasionally utter the same phrase.
    • Additionally, the weapon is given by a ratch, which is close in name to the Ratchet and Clank protagonist Ratchet.
    • Later Ratchet and Clank games feature a weapon called the Warmonger/Peacemaker which are similarly futuristic rocket launchers.
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