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Patton is a unique revolver manufactured by Atlas.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't. – Predefined Build. Increased damage.

Usage & Description[]

Apart from the scope, the Patton is completely predefined. It is a well balanced weapon with relatively high damage, low accuracy, and a high fire rate. Overall, the Patton is an average weapon, and can prove useful during the first play through. By end game though, it will not rival the other, better purple Revolvers.


The Patton effect comes from the Patton_grip5 grip. It provides increased damage. The material is Patton_Material. It provides increased tech, which is lost on the non-elemental Patton. Patton contains barrel1, body5, mag2, stock2 and no accessory (acc_none). Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Patton_grip5 Patton_Material
Damage: +35% Tech Level: +4


  • The Patton is a mission reward from Bait And Switch.
  • Occasional drop from Queen Tarantella after Bait and Switch is turned in.
  • This is the only weapon which derives its effects from the grip.
  • The Patton's configuration is fixed except for the sight, which can be any revolver sight or no sight at all.


  • United States General George S. Patton was famous for using a pair of nickel-plated, ivory-handled revolvers, reflected in the in-game Patton's white and silver model. [1]
  • The weapon's red text is a quote said by Patton.