Party Popper is a unique pistol manufactured by Scavs in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is obtained from the mission H4X0rz.

Special Weapon Effects

Happy birthday to meow. – Fires 7 projectiles per shot. Bullets vanish after traveling a very short distance. Heavily reduced accuracy. Creates an explosion of confetti and balloons with a unique sound effect each time it is fired.

Usage & Description

The Party Popper fares remarkably well as a shotgun substitute, with the added advantage of a very large magazine and decent fire rate allowing the character to fight up close for extended periods. However, its extremely low range (almost melee range) makes it essentially useless outside of extremely close combat. Care must be taken when firing as the bullets do take some time to travel and can miss moving opponents; additionally, the confetti burst and sound effects can be distracting for some players.


  • The Party Popper does not spawn with an elemental capacitor or an accessory prefix.
  • The Party Popper cannot be used for a Grinder recipe.
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