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43 missions acquired in the Parched Fathoms.

Name Location Given By Level Reward
15 Main Missions
Scooter? But I Don't Even Know Her. T-Bone Junction Atlas informant 35 2220xp
Boost the Monster T-Bone Junction Scooter 35 2220xp
Greasemonkey T-Bone Junction Scooter 35 6660xp
You've Got Moxxi: Roadblock The Crimson Tollway Scooter 38 8880xp
You've Got Moxxi: Moxxi's Red Light Moxxi's Red Light Scooter 35 13320xp
Prison Break: Road Warrior The Ridgeway Moxxi 37 9359xp
Prison Break: Over the Wall Sunken Sea Moxxi 37 4679xp
Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked Lockdown Palace Moxxi 37 11699xp
Rendezvous T-Bone Junction Athena 37 Weapon, 2339xp
Code Breaker: Analysis The Ridgeway Athena 37 3743xp
Code Breaker: Time is Bullets Sunken Sea Lance ECHO 37 5615xp
Athena Set Up Us The Bomb T-Bone Junction Athena 38 2880xp
Bridging the Gap Deep Fathoms Athena 38 3360xp
Armory Assault Crimson Armory Athena 38 9600xp
Loot Larceny Crimson Armory Athena 9600xp
28 Side Missions
Core Collection T-Bone Junction Marcus 35 7770xp
Wanted: Dead! The Crimson Tollway Agent 01 35 Class Mod, 17760xp
Claptrap Rescue: Lockdown Palace Lockdown Palace Claptrap 37 Backpack SDU, 2339xp
OMG APC The Ridgeway Scooter 37 4679xp
This Bitch is Payback The Ridgeway Athena 37 14975xp
This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2 Road's End Athena 38 15360xp
Knoxxed Out Road's End Athena 38 12000xp
Thrown for a Loop Road's End Moxxi 38 $55634, 4800xp
Stain Removal Deep Fathoms Moxxi 38 $18544, 4800xp
Big Crimson Brother is Watching T-Bone Junction T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 35 $19799, 17760xp
Drifter Lifter Sunken Sea T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 38 $37089, 12000xp
Road Rage Sunken Sea T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 37 $36427, 9359xp
Power Leech Sunken Sea T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 37 $49673, Grenade Mod, 7019xp
Bugged Road's End T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 38 $37089, 14400xp
You. Will. Die. Crawmerax's Lair T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 61+ 30239xp
Circle of Duty: New Recruit Circle of Duty T-Bone Junction Bounty Board 38 $18544, 4800xp
Circle of Duty: Cadet Circle of Duty Zach 38 $18544, Shield Mod, 4800xp
Circle of Duty: Private Circle of Duty Zach 38 $18544, Weapon, 6240xp
Circle of Duty: Corporal Circle of Duty Zach 38 $18544, Class Mod, 7680xp
Circle of Duty: Sergeant Circle of Duty Zach 38 $18544, Weapon, 9600xp
Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty Circle of Duty Zach 38 $18544, Weapon, 12000xp
Purple Juice! Sunken Sea Thirsty the Midget 37 $16557, Weapon, 7019xp
Little People, Big Experiments The Ridgeway Thirsty the Midget 37 $16557, 14039xp
Lost Lewts Road's End Radar device 37 2339xp
Mop Up T-Bone Junction Marcus 38 8160xp
Super-Marcus Sweep Crimson Armory Marcus 38 4800xp
Local Trouble T-Bone Junction Marcus 38 $18544, Weapon, 11040xp
It's Like Christmas! Crimson Armory Marcus 38 $18544