Paradise Sanctum is a location in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2.


After claiming the flying city of Sanctuary, Colonel Hector uses it as his base of operations and begins infecting the entire city to ensure Lilith cannot phase people into the city and to start the process that will eventually blanket Pandora in his paradise gas. Now completely overgrown, Sanctuary has, as the name of the location implies, become Hector's Paradise Sanctum.




Points of Interest

Marcus Munitions

The overgrowth from the inner workings of Sanctuary's engines has spilled out into Marcus Kincaid's shop, breaking open the door to and the safe in the barred area Marcus once conducted business from, allowing access. The Target Practice Hyperion soldier is still tied up in the firing range, which is now covered in vines.

Crimson Square

The plaza directly outside what used to be the Crimson Raiders HQ, with the news stand demolished and all access routes (excluding a newly opened drop into the plaza from atop the stairs outside Scooter's that is the only way in) overgrown with vines. The engine vents have been covered and the area is completely open. Crimson Square acts as the arena where Hector is fought.




  • Paradise Sanctum is only accessible during Paradise Found, the final story mission of Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. After the completion of Paradise Found, its connection to Mt. Scarab Research Center, the only way into Paradise Sanctum, is overgrown and blocked off.
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