Palling Around is an optional mission to hunt and kill a bulletproof bullymong in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.


"Being the tale of an armored bullymong and a well-armed Vault Hunter."


  • Find bullymong lair
  • Kill Bulwark


The Bulwark can be found on a wide cliffside shelf in a tribe of other bullymongs. One approach to the area is from above. This entails travelling through the gated tunnel in the main valley of Hunter's Grotto and taking the elevator up to the upper plateau. Another route is by fan boat from the open sea, followed by a walk on foot up the slope.

The Bulwark is primarily a ranged attacker, preferring to keep his distance and throw rocks at his enemies. Although, under rare circumstances, he sometimes also leaps at targets. When an enemy comes too close to him, the Bulwark will curl into a ball, wrapping his tough hide around himself. This tactic grants him invulnerability and reflects bullets.


"You are considerably better at hunting than Hammerlock is at talking to his friends."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


  • Occasionally, especially if approached from the slope to the open sea, the Bulwark will seemingly fail to appear. Its body will be present, curled up and shaking slightly, but it will not attack and the objective will remain "Find bullymong lair". This is because the Bulwark does not attack until the large bullymongs in the area have been defeated and occasionally they will not all spawn. Approaching the area from a different direction, such as from the cliff above, will usually spawn the remaining bullymongs and when they are killed the mission will progress. If this fails, saving and reloading Borderlands 2 will reset the area.
  • Activating Maya's Phaselock on the Bulwark will uncurl his shell so he can be killed regardless of his proximity to the players and the mission state. This is also a useful way of sidestepping the aforementioned bug as it removes the need to kill the other bullymongs in the area, otherwise required before he will attack.


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