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|Notes =
|Notes =
*Paladins have different names for each difficulty level:
**Normal Mode: Paladin
**[[True Vault Hunter Mode|TVHM]]: Exalted Paladin
**[[Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode|UVHM]]: Crowned Paladin
|Trivia =
|Trivia =

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Paladins are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are claymore-wielding holy knights with the ability to heal themselves and others.



Paladins are highly specialized knights endowed with numerous abilities that their comrades do not possess. Foremost of these abilities is the power to heal themselves and allies around them. When healing, a Paladin will hold his sword to his chest, downwards and levitate into the air. A field of energy will form around them as they restore health. In addition to healing themselves, this also grants them a shield.

Paladins can also imbue their comrades with holy purpose. In so doing they reach out with their sword and touch their fellow knight at shoulder height, granting them a prefixed name and strength to match.

Paladins also have access to offensive spells that can bathe attackers in fire, and when attacking conventionally, they run in close to deal melee damage, or sometimes stop to throw their sword from a distance.


  • Paladins have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Paladin
    • TVHM: Exalted Paladin
    • UVHM: Crowned Paladin

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