Pain and Terror are characters in Borderlands 3.


At some point, the two bandits that would later be known as Pain and Terror joined together to better survive in The Splinterlands region of Pandora. After the arrival of the Calypso Twins to Pandora, both Pain and Terror were caught up with their talk of family and joined their group known as the Children of the Vault. Working as the main forces behind the Eridium deposits to help the twin's efforts, they soon cultivated a group of followers that thrived on carnage and bloodshed as much as them. The two soon would establish an annual event celebrating mindless acts of slaughter, which would take place at their location known as Carnivora; the more intense and entertaining acts would be taken by them aboard their massive war machine of the same name.



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  • Pain and Terror can be killed after the Agonizer 9000 is defeated.


  • Pain and Terror are a reference to real-life magician duo Penn and Teller, and base their appearances on them.
    • Pain is voiced by Penn Jilette himself, and even has the nail on his left ring finger painted red, a feature that Penn shares in real life.
    • Teller, on the other hand, does not speak when on stage and therefore his equivalent, Terror, is silent, with his mouth stitched up.

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