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PWR Loaders are loaders designed for heavy lifting, but can also use their powerful arms defensively and for melee attacks.



PWR Loaders generally use their arms for melee strikes. When the PWR Loader spots an enemy, it will open up its arms and start spinning them quickly as it advances, shielding the loader against attacks and deflecting bullets back at their attackers. Explosive attacks and elemental status effects will still damage the loader. If a target is close enough to a PWR Loader, the loader will stop spinning its blades and attempt to strike. With good timing, a Vault Hunter can step back to avoid the blow, and then take advantage of the loader's now-unprotected shoulder joints. When the target is too far away, the PWR Loader may stop spinning its arm and use its electric blast attack instead, opening itself to attack in the process. Another option is to shoot their unprotected legs directly or with explosive splash damage, this can also make them flinch and stop spinning. Their legs cannot be shot off but the joints are critical hit points (similarly to BUL Loaders). Their optic sensors are partially shielded by their spinning arms, therefore it is possible, although difficult, to shoot it. A successful shot on the optic will disrupt the spinning arms and stun them, giving a long opening for attacks.


  • PWR Loaders cannot deflect a thrown buzz axe and Buzz Axe Bombardier will also give splash damage.
  • Grenades are a relatively safe explosive and elemental damage source.