P.A.T. Mk. III is a legendary submachine gun exclusive to the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC for Borderlands 3 and is manufactured by Tediore. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from SpongeBoss BulletPants located in Castle Crimson.

Special Weapon Effects

War breeds war again. – Thrown copies always spawn with a full magazine. Shoots large hitscan-based lasers between regular shots when tossed. Unique voice module. Guaranteed Raptor module.

Usage & Description

Having grown considerably since its inception, the P.A.T. Mk. III appears to be in the prime of its life. Firing it like a regular submachine gun is not recommended, as all the upgrades P.A.T obtained apply to its discarded Raptor version.

Its hitscan lasers allow the P.A.T. raptors to reliably engage and neutralize airborne targets.

P.A.T. further encompasses Tediore's philosophy of quantity over quality by working much better when deployed multiple times, allowing the character to have three P.A.T. raptors deployed at once.

The P.A.T raptors have trouble targeting enemies out of bounds such as the Psychoreaver. Also, some bosses feature flooring that leave P.A.T. raptors incapable of deploying such as Graveward's tilted platform making P.A.T. raptors bounce or Killavolt's electrified arena prematurely detonating them. P.A.T raptors are also vulnerable to enemy fire and can be destroyed with a couple of shots if its target isn't distracted.

The voice module may also not be to the personal taste of the player, due to its robotic, high-pitched voice that may eventually overstay its welcome.

Moze can make special use of the P.A.T. Mk. III, due to the lasers themselves being capable of triggering Short Fuse, further amplifying its damage potential. The high reload damage also makes it a great combination with passive splash or grenade damage boosts. A larger magazine size will further increase the damage of each reload, at the cost of it taking longer to get the bottom of the magazine (where it would consume no ammo to throw).


  • This version of the P.A.T. differs from the unique version, which lacks the laser module and is a story mission reward.
  • The reload explosion deals splash and grenade damage.
  • The P.A.T. Mk. III has a 70.6% chance of spawning as a non-elemental variant.


On Kill

  • "Now that they're done, are you going to reload me?"
  • "Stay away from mama/papa"
  • "Nice shot, papa"
  • "Mama, are they seething?"
  • "Oh, I wasn't done playing with that"

When charging at an enemy

  • "Remember meeeeeee"


  • "Commence, Firing Sequence: pew, pew pew, pew pew."
  • "Commence, Firing Sequence: Bang, bang, bang"
  • "Commence, Firing Sequence: Pop Pop"
  • "Threat analysis: No threat detected, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
  • "Deploying, psychological bombardment: Git Gud"
  • "Deploying, psychological bombardment: I'm not mad, just disappointed"
  • "Deploying, psychological bombardment: Your performance is sub-optimal"
  • "I'm going to shoot. And if you are in the way, it's not my fault."
  • "I was born for this, literally."


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