The Oxidizer is a legendary Oz Kit manufactured by Maliwan. Oxidizer is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. It has an increased chance to drop from Rooster Booster, encountered during the mission Grinders.

Special Weapon Effects

Kill it with fire. – Provides health regeneration in a vacuum, and provides a large boost to ignite chance and fire resistance in an atmosphere. Upon igniting a target, a highly damaging fire nova is released around it.

Usage & Description

The Oxidizer provides a set of relatively balanced advantages in combat, defense, and support. The health regeneration in vacuum environments increases survivability both during and after combat, and slightly delays the wearer from suffocating if or when their oxygen runs out; while in-atmosphere it provides resistance to incendiary damage while simultaneously allowing the wearer to more easily set enemies alight.

Those advantages are also its drawbacks: if the wearer is not inflicting incendiary damage, they can't take advantage of the offensive buff, and during the latter parts of the story, more and more enemies tend to wield more elements than just fire, limiting the defensive buff. The health regeneration only works in the vacuum of space as well, limiting the support perk to external excursions.

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