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* [[Heavy Outrunner]]
* [[Heavy Outrunner]]
* [[Zippy Outrunner]]
* [[Zippy Outrunner]]
* [[Lalaille]]

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The Outrunner, or "Runner," is a type of drivable vehicle. Its appearance is that of a dune buggy with a mounted turret.


Outrunners were known to be at least partially designed by Pandora's resident mechanic, Scooter, but his sister Ellie has since taken over the project. They are digistructed at Catch-a-Ride terminals throughout Pandora and provide versatile overland transportation. These will be the first type of vehicles available to players during the course of Borderlands 3.

Outrunners can seat up to two people; one to drive and one to man the turret. They have a durable suspension, allowing large jumps with minimal vehicle damage. They are also equipped with afterburners mounted to the rear of the runner, allowing temporary faster movement speed at the cost of maneuverability.

Enemies are also known to drive customized versions of the Outrunner, and they can be found in the open areas of Pandora, the swamps of Eden-6, the streets and sewers of Promethea, and the dried seabed of Desolation's Edge on Nekrotafeyo

Like all player-controlled vehicles in Borderlands 3, alternative parts can be unlocked by finding or hijacking vehicles equipped with them and returning them to a Catch-A-Ride station.

Driver Weapon

When being driven alone, the player can fire the forward machine gun (R2, right trigger, left mouse) as well as the turret (L2, left trigger, right mouse). However, manning the turret seat provides the turret weapon with greater accuracy, which is reflected in tighter crosshairs, compared to using the turret from the driver's seat. A single player can press a button to switch between the driver and gunner seats, or two players can switch, one using the switch key and the other keying to confirm the switch.

Of particular note - the Tesla Coil weapon is exceptionally useful when trying to disable enemy vehicles for capture, as it can kill the driver and/or passengers before destroying the vehicle.

Part Description Acquisition
Machine Gun
The Outrunner's default weapon. Fires the same bullets as the front-mounted machine guns of other vehicles.
  • Damage: 771 per bullet at level 50
    • Calculation: 10.37 x 1.09level
Default part
Tesla Coil
Fires an electrical arc that chains to nearby enemies. Hitting a vehicle makes the arc chain to its passengers.
  • Total damage: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09level
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Ascension Bluff (Pandora)
Flame Thrower
Fires a wide flame that damages vehicles and all enemies riding in and on them.
  • Damage: ??? at level 50
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Devil's Razor (Pandora)


The Outrunner has minimal armor by default, but can be upgraded with heavy armor that increases its hit points by 50%.

Part Description Acquisition
Stripped Armor
The Outrunner's default armor.
  • Armor: 23504 at level 50
    • Calculation: 290 x 1.09188level
Default part
Heavy Armor
Adds 50% hit points at a slight cost to acceleration.
  • Armor: 35256 at level 50
    • Calculation: 1.5 x 290 x 1.09188level
Hijack Target crew challenge in Ascension Bluff (Pandora)


Different wheels add special driving characteristics, sometimes at the cost of acceleration. Top speed is equal for all wheels at roughly 70 mph on level ground.

Part Description Acquisition
Dune Buggy Wheels
The Outrunner's default wheels. Default part
Omni Wheels
Replaces the E-brake with a hover mode that allows gliding sideways.
  • In hover mode, top speed is reduced by roughly 1/3.
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Meridian Metroplex (Promethea)
Twitchy Wheels
  • Improves agility
  • Increased maneuverability via steerable rear wheels.
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Meridian Metroplex (Promethea)
Zip Wheels
  • Gain energy while braking to increase thrust while boosting.
Hijack Target crew challenge in Devil's Razor (Pandora)

Mods (boosters)

Part Description Acquisition
Heavy Booster
The Outrunner's default booster.
  • Top speed: ca. 87 mph on level ground
Default part
Laser Wings
Diverts boost energy into a set of electrical "wings" that damage enemies.
  • Top speed: ca. 82 mph on level ground
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Ascension Bluff (Pandora)
Blaze Booster
Trades the long boost of the Heavy Booster for several shorter-duration but more powerful boosts. This booster can achieve top speed very quickly, but requires reactivation to maintain that speed.
  • Top speed: ca. 87 mph on level ground
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Meridian Metroplex (Promethea)
Energy Cells
Short duration boosts that pulse electricity and drop electrical charges behind the Outrunner.
  • Top speed: ca. 70 mph on level ground
Hijack Target crew challenge in Desolation's Edge (Nekrotafeyo)


Apart from regular

  • Outrunner

players may run across other variants of this vehicle, differing in armor, armamanent and special equipment:

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