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Outlaws are scav enemies that wear astronaut-like suits and act as the heavy units of typical scav groups. As their sizes suggest, they have high health and tend to use strong/elemental weaponry, making them more dangerous than other scavs. Despite their hulkling sizes and high health, Outlaws have cartoonishly high and squeaky voices; the only Outlaw without this trait is Deadlift.



Outlaws are the most common type of Outlaw, most commonly appearing with either Blaster or Splitter lasers. Outlaws are capable of leaping long distances to either reach their target or to find cover.

Outlaws feature more health than most other scav units, and only wield the various varieties of lasers. The only exception to this are the Badass Outlaw, which have a chance of appearing with rocket launchers instead.

Due to the fact that they wear astronaut attire, Outlaws do not carry Oz Kits. However, shooting the visor on their helmet will break it and still cause them to start suffocating.

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