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Out of Body Experience involves salvage and restoration attempts for Loader #1340, who has had a change of heart and decided not to kill people.


"You have blasted out my AI core. I require a new shell. There is a broken Constructor bot in the Bloodshot Dam; insert me into it and I will repay you."



  • Pick up AI core
  • Install AI core
  • Pick up AI core
  • Install AI core
  • Find radio
  • Destroy radio


Upon returning to the Bloodshot Stronghold after Roland has been rescued, several marauders and a damaged EXP loader appear, with the bandits repeatedly stomping on the robot. After the EXP loader detonates and kills the marauders, an AI core with serial number 1340 can be picked up and triggers the start of the mission.

  • The first body is a constructor. 1340 AI will promptly attack upon being installed into it. The constructor presents a slow-moving target and is unshielded, so it can be quickly reduced to scrap, once again leaving the AI core behind.
  • The next body, a WAR loader, presents a tougher challenge. It may require some well placed critical hits to bring down and corrosive damage helps with quickly reducing its structural integrity.
  • The third body is the radio in Moxxi's. Installing the AI core will cause the radio to attempt to kill the patrons with horribly off-key obnoxious singing. Shooting the radio once again leaves the AI core on the ground. Retrieving the AI core then completes the final objective. It can be turned over to Marcus in exchange for Shotgun 1340, or to Dr. Zed in exchange for 1340 Shield.


"You helped Loader #1340 find a new body. May his overly murderous programming be a boon to you in the coming battles."

Turn In: Marcus or Dr. Zed

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  • Text of 'A.I. Core' ('Loader #1340 A.I. Core') item: An A.I. Core with #1340 engraved on the enclosure.
  • If the WAR loader body is approached before the constructor objective has been completed, it will display the attachment point for the AI core and exhibit an interaction prompt, but cannot be interacted with.

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