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For the unique shield in Borderlands 2, see Order (Borderlands 2).

Order is a tier 1 skill in Nisha's Law & Order skill tree.


Every time Nisha takes 15% of her maximum health in damage, she gains a stack of Order. These stacks are quickly lost outside combat. For every stack, she has a chance to regain double the damage taken when attacked. Skills further down the Law & Order tree add further utility to Order.

Order's maximum stacks initially cap at 10. The skills Discipline, Blood of the Guilty and Thunder Crackdown each increase the maximum Order stack cap by 5, for a total of 25 with all skills specced.


  • Stacks are gained both through shield or health damage. As a result, this skill can be used as an effective way to recharge slow-charging or high-capacity shields.
  • Order is best described as high-risk, high-reward: it works most effectively if the player gets into situations which causes the skill to proc against large amounts of burst damage instead of insignificant chip fire, as the former will result in large amounts healing. However, this puts the player at significantly more risk, especially if they already have low enough health/shields to be downed should Order fail.

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