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Orc Zappers are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They have a blueish skin coloring instead of the normal green.



Orc Zappers use a suicide bomber tactic, rushing at their enemy before blowing up, but are also able to leap great distances in order to explode right on top of a target. Orc Zappers' leaping attacks are hard to avoid, but the damage taken can be reduced by jumping to the side before they land. When an Orc Zapper explodes, the explosion deals heavy shock damage to anyone nearby.

Orc Zappers should be fought a distance, the further the better due to their great sprinting ability. Their heads are unarmored allowing for critical hits, but the most expedient way to kill an Orc Zapper is shooting the barrel they are carrying. This will cause the barrel to explode, instantly killing its wielder and damaging those around him. However, this does not give an XP reward as killing them normally would. Orc Zappers are vulnerable to incendiary damage.


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