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Orcs Fact 1

Orcs are a race of green-skinned humanoid creatures encountered in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep as enemies. They are generally brutish and primitive, residing in crude huts of animal skin and wearing ragged scraps of clothing. Their armaments are similarly crude, and tend towards spiked clubs, and mighty warhammers. Most orcs don't adorn themselves with armour, but a few are known to wear scraps of metal, or even a helmet.

Orc Units

Common Orcs

Notable Orcs


Many orcs are fast and agile, closing distance to their target in rapid bounds. Most Orcs attack using melee weapons, but some are capable of ranged attacks. Orcs are vulnerable to incendiary damage. Some orcs wear a helmet that must be shot off their head before critical hits can be achieved.


  • Killing an orc counts towards the Orcs Should Perish challenge in the challenge list.
  • Orcs are not hostile to spiders where they coexist in Mines of Avarice.

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