Opposition Research is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Gonner Mallegies. It becomes available during the Space-Laser Tag main story mission.


"Gonner Mallegies, an Atlas spy, needs help collecting dirt on Katagawa to help disrupt the alliance of COV and Maliwan."



  • Get Katagawa intel (3)
  • Locate spy
  • Search body
  • Follow blood
  • Search toilet
  • Take tape
  • Locate spy
  • Search body
  • Open locker
  • Kill interrogator
  • Take key
  • Get tape
  • Locate spy
  • Kill Maliwan
  • Take tape
  • Open door to data center
  • Use central computer
  • Enter password
  • Kill Maliwan
  • Kill COV
  • Turn on loudspeaker
  • Clear room
  • Upload data to Atlas



Turn In: Gonner Mallegies


Mission items:

  • Kategawa ECHO log
  • Key to Locker

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