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Opha are large Guardian enemies encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This is the lowest variety of Guardian type by the same name.


First encounter with an Opha occurs shortly after first arriving at Eleseer during the mission Beginning of the End, where a solitary Opha is guarding the first door into the Eridian structure itself.

After completing of the mission, a few Opha spawn in eastern sector of location (the first door event doesn't occur).

Opha later appear in The Holodome Onslaught DLC during every round of Digistructed Madness.



Opha are slow-moving, but heavy-hitting opponents able to aid their fellow Guardian allies. Putti spawned by an Opha can recharge the shields of any damaged Guardians in their vincinity, and an Opha always ensures that they have at least one Putti active at any given time.

When at a distance, Opha can release Putti bombs, which can either be launched directly at/around or home in on Vault Hunters and cause moderate damage on impact. Opha are also capable of pulling out an energy orb from their stomachs which cause heavy damage. When in melee range, Opha tend to release a small nova blast, damaging and pushing Vault Hunters away.

Opha are a flesh-based enemy and in comparison to other Opha types, only possess moderate shields. Shock and incendiary attacks provide effective damage against them.




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