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{{infobox mission
{{infobox mission
| name = Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Three: TripWIRED
| name =
| location = [[Scorched Snake Canyon]]
| location = [[Scorched Snake Canyon]]
| image = File:WIREDdevice01.png
| image = File:WIREDdevice01.png
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[[Category:Claptrap's New Robot Revolution main missions]]

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"The enigmatically named wireless WIRED device is the key to shutting down the Claptrap Revolution once and for all. Lower the bridge, storm Scorched Snake Canyon, and retrieve the device for Blake."


Find the warehouse in Scorched Snake Canyon and return the WIRED device to Blake.

  • Warehouse located: 0/1
  • WIRED device found: 0/1


Located the warehouse and fight Commandant Steele-Trap. She fights like a Lance Assassin, in that she uses energy blades for her primary attacks and moves very quickly. Maintaining distance from her helps to avoid excessive damage to characters. After she is dead, activate the button on the wall to the right of the door to open it. The WIRED device is inside.


"You got the WIRED device! And all it cost you was a little sweat and a whole lotta bullets. Now it's time for a robotic regime change."


  • Item Card - Wired Device: A handheld Wireless Information Router Encoding Device.

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