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One Two Boom is a Tier 4 Action Skill Upgrade in Gaige's Little Big Trouble skill tree. With it, Deathtrap can fire an explosive orb of electricity to massively shock nearby enemies.


Deathtrap's orbs of energy move slowly through the air and pass through enemies. If hit by a character, the orb will explode and deals shock damage in a large area.


  • This skill has a cooldown of 42 seconds.


  • This skill is a reference to the Unreal Tournament series' shock combo mechanic, where shooting a ball of energy from the shock rifle's alternate fire with its main fire beam would cause the ball to explode and deal damage to enemies around it. The talent tooltip's flavor text, "100% more Multi-Kill," further reinforces this, as the line is part of a hierarchy of killstreak names spoken in Unreal Tournament.
  • Taking this skill adds spikes of various sizes to Deathtrap's right shoulder.
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