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On the Mountain of Mayhem is the story mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"The occultists' research vessel is close, Wainwright's only hope of salvation within. But your journey up the mountain has gained the attention of Eleanor and her bonded. What could go wrong?"



  • Enter Negul Neshai
  • Find abandoned research facility
  • Destroy Dahl defense cannons
  • Proceed into Dahl base
  • Find a way through
  • Melee power panel
  • Get fuse
  • Get electrified krich heart
  • Power up the cannon (2)
  • Fire the cannon
  • Reach abandoned camp
  • Kill bonded
  • Call elevator
  • Enter research vessel
  • Access ship systems
    • Hack Dahl computer
  • Activate the bot station
  • Kill kriches
  • Get mainframe door open
  • Wait for Deathtrap
  • Follow Deathtrap
  • Use projector
  • Find Xenocardiac Containment
  • Follow Deathtrap
  • Pick up Gythian heart piece
  • Install shard on Deathtrap
  • Defend Deathtrap
  • Stabilize reactor
    • Melee electric panel
    • Dump boron coolant
    • Dump boron coolant?
    • Disengage tritium fuel
    • Override panel
    • Activate panic switch
  • Check on Deathtrap
  • Kill empowered grawn
  • High five Deathtrap


  • Mission items:
    • Old Dahl Fuse - Dahl Corporation is not liable for any radiation poisoning, psychic damage, or cosmic powers incurred from mishandling.
    • Electrified Krich Heart - Doesn't beat a good ol' AAA, but it'll do.
    • Gythian Heart Piece - A splinter of Gythian's heart, split off by the power of desperate love.


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