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On the Blood Path is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Ramsden.


"A totally harmless guy named Ramsden needs you to free his best buddy Holder from a brutal bandit gang called the Shanks."



  • Open door
  • Search guard station for key (3)
  • Take gate key
  • Unlock gate
  • Kill Shanks
  • Find Holder's cell
  • Open Holder's cell
  • Check on Holder
  • Search cell
  • Follow hole
  • Defeat the Shanks
  • Find Holder
  • Talk with Holder
  • Side with Holder
    • Kill Ramsden
    • Kill Fingerbiters
    • Talk to Holder
  • Open door for Ramsden
    • Kill Holder
    • Kill Shanks
    • Talk to Ramsden



"You went up against "No Fingers" Ramsden and lived. I can respect that. Here's my shield, as promised. Now get the hell out of Shankland. We've gotta rebuild, in case the Biters come to avenge Ramsden."
"So long, Holder. See, that's what you get when you betray your friends. If you're born a Fingerbiter, you die a Fingerbiter."

Turn In: Holder or Ramsden


  • Mission item: Prison Gate Key
  • If the player sides with Ramsden, he will constantly sing "We're on the blood path now" for several minutes after the mission is completed.

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