Omniloader is a unique pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Dahl. The Omniloader is a reward for completing The Family Jewel.

Special Weapon Effects

Omnilock. Omniload. Omnideath. – Reloading the weapon reloads all of the character's other equipped weapons.

Usage & Description

The Omniloader is an otherwise unremarkable Dahl pistol with a useful utility effect. As such, its power depends on the other weapons in the character's loadout.

For maximum value, all of the weapons in the character's loadout should be emptied before reloading the Omniloader. The Omniloader can also be kept with one bullet fired to allow for immediate reloads during prolonged battles.


  • Weapons that benefit from the Omniloader include:
    • Jakobs sniper rifles, Torgue rocket launchers, and other weapons that reload one shot at a time
    • Underbarrel accessories on Vladof weapons, particularly the rocket launchers on their sniper rifles
    • Hyperion weapons with long, elaborate reload animations
  • Zane's Cold Bore skill sharply reduces holster time, making the Omniloader more practical.


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